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The beauty is in the eyewear of the beholder.

With all the time we spend outdoors soaking up the glorious sunshine, we still must protect ourselves against the sun’s harsher rays no matter the season. But if you wear glasses for near or far vision, you’ll be happy to know that just because you’re a slave to your prescription, you don’t have to miss out on the season’s best and hottest eyewear trends.

Today we’re going to look at three different kinds of prescription sunglasses that are all compatible with this year’s coolest on-trend frame designs.

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are a blanket term that covers all tinted prescription lenses. Vision-quality sunnies can be fitted with custom prescription lenses, and there’s nothing boring about them! Sunglasses with custom prescription lenses can give you the 20-20 vision you need while kicking the cool factor up a few notches. They’re sleek, streamlined, and lightweight, and so much like a fashion accessory, you might even forget that you need them to see!

Transition Lenses

Don’t want to carry around two sets of glasses everywhere you go? Not a problem. Transition lenses might be just the thing for you. These glasses are as convenient as can be—and you’ll never forget where you left them! Transition lenses are photochromatic, which means they lighten and darken in response to UV rays in the environment. Because the lenses are integrated for both indoor and outdoor wear, they’re perfect for low-maintenance folks on the go. Transitions lenses come in several colors and levels of darkening. There is one caveat, however: they don’t darken through glass, so you might need a pair of prescription sunglasses for driving.

Clip-on Lenses

Once upon a time, clip-on sunglasses weren’t exactly considered stylish; you might remember them as something your grandad would wear. Fortunately, this is no longer the case! With new innovations in eyewear design and plenty of stylishly updated options, clip-on sunglasses are back—and better than ever. You can get them in clip-on, flip-up, and magnetic designs; the latter is especially nifty thanks to their easy attachment—no fuss required! As for styles, modern wire frames with geometric and steampunk details are incredibly trendy right now. With clip-on sunglasses, you can get fashionable prescription lenses for a fraction of the price of traditional prescription sunnies.

At Klar Vision, most of our outdoor luxury eyewear brands can be customized with prescription lenses to give you the designer look and feel you love. These include the biggest names in fashion and accessories, like Ray-Ban, Michael Kors, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Dior. Our selection is incredible, and new styles are coming in every day.

So, whether your vibe is boho chic, edgy and modern, cool retro, steampunk, or classically elegant, Klar Vision has the perfect prescription pair for you. ‘Klar’ is the German word for clear, which we think perfectly encapsulates who we are as a business. With our range of fashion-forward frames, custom lens options, and awesome staff, Klar is the clear choice for your prescription sunglasses.

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