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Klar Vision travaille en partenariat avec un large éventail de type de lentilles cornéennes (verres de contact). Nous offrons des lentilles rigides perméables au gaz, des lentilles destinées au port journalier et d’autres nécessitant un remplacement planifié. Les optométristes de Klar Vision évalueront vos besoins visuels (simple vision, antifatigue ou multifocal) et détermineront la marque de lentille cornéenne la mieux adaptée à vos besoins (Acuvue OasysBiofinity/Harmony, Air Optix, Total 1, Clarity, Myday, Acuvue Moist ou des lentilles sur mesures). Renseignez-vous auprès de nos professionnels afin de découvrir le type de lentilles qui vous conviendrait le mieux!


Klar Vision’s mission is to give the best vision and insure ocular health to its clients. Our team of experienced and professional Optometrists work in a state of the art clinic, using only the latest technologies in eye care. Our clinic is equipped with top of the line equipment used for early detection of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, and eye conditions associated with diabetes. The health of your eyes is a subject we take to heart, and we recommend yearly eye exams for a lifetime of good vision and good ocular health.


Our team of Optometrists and Opticians will help you find the right pair of contact lenses. A contact lens fitting is essential to make sure you are using the proper contact lenses, depending on the size and curvature of your eye. Furthermore, some contact lens types are not recommended, depending on your work environment. A Klar Vision professional will take the time to assess your needs and concerns to make sure you have optimal comfort while wearing your contact lens.


Our optometrists are highly trained to treat a variety of eye diseases. You will not have to wait hours to see a doctor; at Klar, we are trained to take charge of your eye health at many levels. If you have a red or painful eye, if you are seeing glasses or floaters, don’t wait any longer, our optometrists will take care of you.


1-hour lab service: With our cutting-edge in-store optical laboratory, we can have your single vision glasses delivered within an hour. Please ask one of our associates if this service applies with your prescription.


Klar VIsion is a premier destination for fashionable eyewear, whether it is a designer pair of glasses or a budget pair our professionals are committed to excellence in service. Our stylists and experienced opticians will assist you in selecting the perfect frame to fit your face. We will insure the right color choice, frame size, frame shape, frame material. Furthermore, we will insure and the right choice of lenses (single vision, Anti-fatigue, progressives) and the right choice of treatments (Blue light filter, UV protection and Anti-Glare coatings). With a wide variety of choice such as (Dior, Carrera, Kate Spade, Hugo Boss, Burberry, Dolce & Gabanna, Prada, Versace, Oakley, Polo, Michael Kors, Balenciaga, Gucci, Saint-Laurent, Oliver Peoples, Bottega Veneta, Ray-ban, Marc Jacobs, Etnia Barcelona, Persol, Toplook, Penguin, Tom Ford, Cartier, Celine, David Beckham, Silhouette) you will be sure to find your next pair of eyeglasses.


Klar Vision works with a wide selection of contact lens types. We offer rigid permeable gas lenses (RGP), daily-wear soft lenses, extended wear disposable lenses and planned replacement lenses. Klar vision’s professional will evaluate your visual needs (single vision, anti-fatigue or multi-focal) and choose from brands such as Acuvue Oasys, Acuvue Vita, Biofinity, Air Optix, Total 1, Clarity, Myday, Acuvue oasys 1-day or made to custom contact lenses. Talk to our professionals to see which type is right for you!

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